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I really like Yoga Youniverse! As a professional musician, I find that yoga really helps me stay loose and balanced. Hot yoga is especially powerful and challenging. Although I’m generally fit, I’m relatively new to yoga, so it’s still pretty tough for me. Yet, I really enjoy it. I took an introductory class a couple of weeks ago, and it was excellent. It’s a lovely, clean and comfortable facility, too. I will definitely be back again as soon as I can get there. Highly recommended.


I can not say enough good things about my new Yoga journey with Dorota and Yoga Youniverse…I am transforming with every practice and I see myself getting “younger and healthier” with every movement…I think this studio is terrific…The instructors are all different and bring their own knowledge, practice and energy to each of their classes.

Mary Ann

Hi Dorota, now it is just two weeks until we´ll see us again. We´ve heared a lot about the lovely studio and the brilliant new teachers… I´m so excited to see it myself and have a little practice!!!


We’ve really enjoyed our practices at Yoga Youniverse. The studio is a calm relaxing environment- as it should be. The instructors are fantastic. Always encouraging you to achieve your best by offering adjustments and alternatives to help reach that goal, without pushing unnecessarily. They also teach a variety of styles. Some classes are a little slower and stronger, others focus a little more on the flowing movements. This offers something for everyone and keeps it from becoming routine practice. Highly recommended!


Dorota, Congratulations on bringing in excellent new teachers and expanding the practice, beyond the formulaic yoga gym that had been the previous studio, by bringing in additional forms of yoga so us local practitioners can expand our knowledge of yoga and experience more than just a single approach. I’m also excited about the workshops you have planned and look forward to hearing more about them.